Wednesday, December 19, 2007

rock stars wanted.

No. For real. Trying my hand at something a little different on someone a little different. I'm currently looking for bands or musicians in need of publicity images. If interested, please contact me at Serious inquiries only from serious musicians only, please. {Note: this model is not currently a rock star, but I have no doubt he could be someday.}


Anonymous said...

Hey girl!

Go to the local music department or music school and offer your services to one of the classes -- all you need to do is ONE -- and you'll get overwhelmed.

Musicians need photos -- but be warned -- they also have very little $. Include a facebook/my space image in your package.

Let me know how that goes!


The McKays said...

I wanna know how you did that cool blue backdrop!

sharris said...

yeh, try the Austin School of Music. That's where Christian is going to take drum lessons. Most of the teachers there are in some sort of band. :)

E said...

Michele.. these are wonderful.. really edgie..