Sunday, December 9, 2007

is it time yet?

I am soooooo ready for the holiday break, how about you? More pics from our little session by my mentee, Katie. Just thought I'd share. Trying out a new blog format. Not sure if I like it. (My husband calls this behavior "tapping the glass:" I can never leave well enough alone. I'm forever reorganizing and rearranging things in the house. Why should my blog be any different? ;-)
And, in the spirit of things, here's an image of my littlest dude from Christmas last year:
(Yeah, definitely not liking this. Off to bed, though. We'll just have to live with it for now.)

1 comment:

Tichenor Family said...

you have such a beautiful family! ...and an amazing couch! I want purple couch pictures! :)