Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Of pirates and firetrucks...

Yes, my eldest, the construction lover, wanted to be a pirate (???) and my youngest was a firetruck. Not a fireman, he insisted, but clearly a fireTRUCK. I so wish I had my video camera with us as we went trick-or-treating tonight. I'll do my best to accurately impersonate.

Me and Hubby: "Okay, guys. When you go up to the house, you ring the door bell--ONCE--and when they answer, you say, 'Trick or treat.' After they give you candy, be sure to say thank you and come back to us."

The Boys: "Okay."

They approach the house with caution, my youngest constantly tripping over the candy bag that is as tall as he is. Then comes the assualt on the doorbell. They attack it with such vigor I swear you could have heard it from a mile away. So much for ringing the bell ONCE.

Nice old lady answers. Then my ever-so-tactful three year old barges into the house and says, "So, what kinda candy YOU got?"

[Run, Michele. Run.]

Nice old lady isn't shaken. "Oh, well, let's see, I've got these purple LifeSavers..."

"Yeah, well that's not my favorite color, though. How about green?"

[I'm clearly going to hell for being such an inept mother.]

Nice old lady is wondering who this kid is, but manages to find some green candy. Once the candy is safely stashed in their bags, my kids suddenly remember their manners and thus begins the barage of "Happy Haooooooweeeeeen!" and "Bye, see ya!" and "Trick or Treat!" (?????) and "Thank you!!!!!" and my personal favorite:

"Bye, bye. Love you."

[Maybe I'm going to heaven after all.]
{Don Juan DePirate}

Hope you had a wonderful and safe Halloween! Oh, and let's see those costume pics!!! E-mail them to me and I'd love to post them on here. A virtual costume parade!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

time away.

We spent the weekend out at The Ranch (AKA, Granny & Pop's). Fall is definitely my favorite time of year out there. It was great to let the kiddos play outdoors and I even got to go off exploring on my own (even if I worried my husband a little...sorry, babe). I considered this weekend the calm before the holiday rush storm. ;-)
(I don't know why, but I loved the above pic the second I shot it.)

Friday, October 26, 2007

Since it was "picture day" at school today

...I HAD to snap a few of my own. My eldest was so very G in his cord jacket. I could tell he loved it, too.
This little dude, on the other hand...I can't figure out for the life of me what he can possibly be so pensive about??????
Just loved T-man's feet in this last one. ;-)

Let the baby parade begin

Today I started what will be a long series of beautiful little newborns...fresh and new, so get ready. This little one was an absolute angel. And he's handsome to boot. It's always exciting to see a new family get off to such a perfect start. You may remember the proud parents-to-be a few months ago. Mama, if you're up (which it's highly likely you are) and if you're on the blog (which it's highly likely you are)...enjoy!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

rock star.

Isn't she just rockin'? And I don't think you can read it, but yes, her shirt does say "Knocked Up," and I LOOOOOVED it!
One of my favs. So curvy.

Young and radiant.

If only there wasn't a house behind this window...

Playing trains.

Mama love.

Thanks, K, for a great session today. (So glad we didn't try to do it in the freezing rain!). You are a hip, lovely mama of 2 (almost).

Sunday, October 21, 2007

my new fav picture ever

Okay, perhaps not *ever*, but I am definitely in love with the feel of this one.

Friday, October 19, 2007

The purple couch is BACK! [updated]

{Have to run and grab my kiddos from school...I'll be back in a bit to tell you all about these cutie pies!}
And for all you Longhorn fans....

As promised, I've returned to tell you about these kiddos. A great session, even if little guy wasn't his usual happy go-lucky self. And little E totally reminded me that I so need a little girl. These are repeat clients. You may have seen these images from the spring: