Wednesday, December 12, 2007 {part 2 of 2}

Here are the rest of the sneak peeks from this session last weekend. These are cousins and you can tell they are going to have a blast growing up together!
Isn't she simply lovely? Natural beauty and a naturally amazing big sister.
Tee hee. This little dude just cracked me up!
And here's our cowboy! This was taken just after he finished learning how to muck out the stalls (groan). He was really into the work of the ranch we were visiting. He said he'd appease me and wear the jean jacket because it kinda made him look like a cowboy--but he let it be known what he really needed to complete the look was a cowboy hat. True, true.


Elizabeth said...

These are great.. Love them

ideagirl said...

your work just keeps getting better and better. Seriously. LOVE these.


Shehopper said...

Just stumbled upon your sites tonight! Very impressed!!! Thanks for inspiring.

Jeanine said...

Love your new layout! Especially the font - it's the same I'm using ;)

Rachel Schell said...

nice! the second to last is a money shot for sure!!