Wednesday, February 13, 2008

feeling romantical

Just some things around the house that look romantic(al) to me (quoted from Monsters, Inc.). Got a new toy today, so thought I'd try it out. Hmmmmm...need more practice, though. Hope you all have a WONDERFUL Valentine's Day and give an extra hug to your loved ones for me.


E said...

So how are you likin' the Lensbaby.. It looks pretty cool are you finding the results to be to your liking? I have always been curious about it but need to get my regular lenses sorted out before I treat myself to one to just play with.. These shots are awesome.. by the way..

Happy Valentines day

Kate said...

No kidding!

I totally want one of these...I saw a picture by lifeography on flickr and she told me that's what she used...

The pictures came out really cool!