Monday, November 5, 2007


What an amazing session today! Her mommy and daddy have had her for just four days now. The above was the first official set up and you wouldn't believe what we had to do to get this shot (mom, I have the picture of you that will go down in history ;-)). And this is the *only* shot she'd let us have like this--thank goodness we got it. But, once she was back in mommy's arms, she was perfectly perfect.
(I actually tried baby drapery again today and lucky worked!!!!!)


The irony is not lost here. Trust me.


Rachel Schell said...

they look beautiful!!!

Elizabeth said...

Ok seriously now .. these are amazing.. all of them.. I cannot decide but that first shot.. HOLY MOLY.. just breathtaking and the one with the black background and the baby to the far left.. wonderful.. all of them just perfect and your baby drapery is working well.. these actually brought tears to my eyes.. missing my kids being brand new infants.. sigh my youngest is 3 now and recently informed me she is going to marry bon jovi.. sigh.. they grow up way to fast.. way way WAY too fast

Love these just beautiful work girl

Leigh taylor said...

Gorgeous the one of mommy and baby and that great pic on the wall...nice drapery :)

Anonymous said...

wow! great work michelle!

Maria said...


Too good to be true! Our jaws dropped this morning before we broke out into huge smiles at how beautifully you captured Avery. John says he bows down to you!

Please, please send the "making of the wreath shot" pic. I am still laughing thinking about that and how projectile poop on John's hand turned into such serene moments on film - the behind the scenes was almost as much fun as the finished product!

How do you work so fast and so beautifully?!? Your work is so vibrant and amazing, we are truly grateful.

Shipra said..., you ROCKED these. Incredible work!

Wynona said...

Wow, Michele! Such beautiful images. Every one of them!

yourcandidmemories photography said...


Kristi said...

I am speechless...these are so incredibly good!

Kim said...

Beautiful images as usual. ALmost makes me want to have another just to have you take the photos. :-)

I want to hear about the projectile poop. :-)The funny things we never see in the photos.