Tuesday, November 27, 2007


It's been so long and I've been knee-deep in proofs, orders, Christmas decorations, turkey, and broken heater parts (don't even ask), I just had to take a breather and put up a post here.

For starters: purchasing Guitar Hero 3--BIG mistake! Have you ever played this game? Oh, dear. It is insanely addictive and fun! My kids love it, too. T-man (below) is actually quite good at pushing the right color notes at the right time. I think we played this for 4-days straight over the holiday break.

(The droopy diaper is his uniform ;-)).

So much for a cute pic of the two of them together.
Look close and you can see a real, live, snot stream. Lovely.

The kids LOVED the train around our tree.

Big kids love it, too.

And finally, I was fortunate enough to have my intern, Katie, do family portraits for our holiday cards this year. She was great! I think moms can relate to this: wow, it means the world to actually BE IN a picture with your kids. We had a fun time and I'm just so happy to have these. (No more sneak peeks 'til Christmas, though ;-)).

It was fun to be on the other side of the camera. A bit nerve wracking, but interesting to see what I typically put my clients through. "Sure. I'll lay down in a field filled with cactus in my new red dress!"


Candids by Courtney said...

I love how you can make playing video games so beautiful! It never quite looks like that when my husband plays them! haha

Sandra Harris said...

Wow you are so beautiful Michele! It's no wonder you have such beautiful boys! I'm glad you got a chance to have your own pics done--our session was a blast thanks to you! Can't wait to see our real proofs on Friday!

Linda said...

We don't have a Wii but got a little addicted to Dance, Dance Revolution at a party recently. I absolutely love these. Especially of the one with you and your son. It's so sweet. And love your dress. Great pics.

Rachel Schell said...

oh! I wanted to get guitar hero. maybe it will be an xmas present.

I LOVE LOVE the train around the tree....how cool.

and you look lovely. :)

Elizabeth said...

These are wonderful.. my kids love that guitar hero game.. ( they have borrowed a friends ) on and off... and the photos of you.. wow girl.. awesome.. look how pretty you are in your red dress in a cactus field.. and the one with you and your son.. is gorgeous too... loved them all.

Tichenor Family said...

you look beautiful in that red dress... go girl!
again, your boys are precious and your husband is so darling with them. glad you've managed to squeeze in some time with your sweet ones during this busy time.

Marta Locklear Photography said...

We love guitar hero too. Daddy is a "real" guitar player and I think we have 3 Guitar Hero guitars now. I love this whole series Michele...just wonderful.

Amy & Lyssa said...

Girl you are AMAZING! You've captured such true and wonderful moments...I can just feel the family love and the Christmas spirit! :) and btw...you are gorgeous!