Wednesday, November 14, 2007

i am alive.


I've gotten several e-mails from my beloved blog stalkers wanting to know where the heck I am, so I thought I'd drop a quick line to you. I just got back from a 3-day photography workshop in Dallas which was wonderful! But the timing...not so good. While, I've finished all of my holiday sessions, now the daunting task of proofing and designing and filling orders for everyone still awaits.

Unfortunately, ALL of us are now sick, which is a double blow (pun not intended). So if you want to know where I am, I'm glued to my computer with a box of tissues nearby and a bottle of NyQuil balanced precariously by the keyboard. I probably won't come out of my hole for about 2 weeks.

So, in the mean time, have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving, hold your family and friends close to you, and hang in there while I work to give you the amazing holiday images you've been anxiously looking forward to.


(P.S. That's me up there in action at the workshop. That's probably how most of you see me, huh?)


Tichenor Family said...

Michele, you are so sweet. You poor thing, do you ever get a moment of rest? I am sorry to hear you're under the weather. Feel better soon and have a blessed Thanksgiving. We are So THANKFUL for you!

Aurora said...

what conference was it?

A Thousand Words Photography said...

I just adore you! I would love to meet the "real" you some're so darn fun! Feel better fast!

Elizabeth said...

Ok I love this shot of you... even though we cant see your face.... and I am sorry to hear you are all sick and have so much catching up to do.. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving

Ideagirl/Tammy said...


I am SO happy you got to go...great portrait!

And...I've heard that song somewhere before...hmmm. ::grin::

Can't wait to see your pics!

Get better...