Wednesday, October 3, 2007

"What should we wear?"

Believe me, this is probably the toughest part to figure out when you're preparing for your photo session.

So, inspired by a wonderful idea on, here are some pointers and a list of places to help you pick out the perfect attire for your holiday or standard family photo sessions--{read: what I would really be excited to see you wearing at your holiday session}:

[Disclaimer...these are my personal opinions and tastes. Truly. Wear whatever makes you happy for your session. That is the most important thing. case you did want some help, read on.]

1. Browse my galleries at and you won't see a lot of families wearing matching attire. Actually, come to think of it, you won't see any. Granted, there is a place for these kinds of photos, but when I'm trying to tell your family's story with my camera, I know there's so much more to you than khakis and a white dress shirt. You are individuals and should dress like the individuals you are. You are unique and beautiful and the greatest part is, when you're together in a single image, you *still* blend as a family.

2. I am all for unique! If your toddler has one of those "I do my own stunts" T-shirts and he does in fact, do his own stunts, let him wear it! I'm serious. Try putting it on over a button-down collared shirt and pairing that with a jean jacket and cords. How cute is that???

3. And then you can take off the "I do my own stunts" T-shirt and I'll get a picture of him in your favorite button-down collared shirt of his because it would make you happy.

4. I think moms should be beautiful. Moms should be elegant. Moms should stand out like the most beautiful flower in the family vase. I like moms in dresses and skirts or fashionable jeans and yes...heels.

5. I'm traditional. I think girls are too flippin' adorable in dresses/skirts, too. Fashionable, timeless, but not too frilly.

6. I love boys/men (one in the same;-)) in jackets and with the layered look. (Especially if it's on top of the "I do my own stunts" T-shirt.)

7. I love kids in bright colors and patterns. Yes, patterns. Polka dots, stripes, kid-like, cheerful, happy, fun, youthful.

8. I love maternity bellies in bright colors and patterns.

9. I love natural fabrics with lots of texture. I want to be able to feel that soft sweater just by looking at it in the picture.

10. Back to the matching family thing. While you don't want to necessarily match, you should be coordinated. Try to stick with similar or at least complimentary color tones. If mom is wearing pastel yellow, it's probably not a good idea to put dad in an olive green and red plaid shirt. But, I think it would look lovely to have mom in deep purple, dad in rust colors and denim, and baby girl in earthy browns for a fall/wintery look.

11. Along those lines, you probably want to keep the clothing in the same style. Meaning if mom is wearing an evening gown, we're going to have to cover up that "I do my own stunts" T-shirt with a tailored jacket. (FYI...I would LOVE to do a family session with mom in an evening gown. Any takers?)

12. Here are some of my favorite clothing lines for kids/families. Note: when I started buying the outfit instead of just the pieces, my kids started looking a whole lot more put together.

Feel free to comment and let me know *your* favorite sources for clothing inspiration!

Thank you and let's have a darn good lookin' holiday portrait season!!!!!


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wow, this is a great list!

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so cute.

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Great Post!

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I love, go to the KIDS SECTION!! and :):)