Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Of pirates and firetrucks...

Yes, my eldest, the construction lover, wanted to be a pirate (???) and my youngest was a firetruck. Not a fireman, he insisted, but clearly a fireTRUCK. I so wish I had my video camera with us as we went trick-or-treating tonight. I'll do my best to accurately impersonate.

Me and Hubby: "Okay, guys. When you go up to the house, you ring the door bell--ONCE--and when they answer, you say, 'Trick or treat.' After they give you candy, be sure to say thank you and come back to us."

The Boys: "Okay."

They approach the house with caution, my youngest constantly tripping over the candy bag that is as tall as he is. Then comes the assualt on the doorbell. They attack it with such vigor I swear you could have heard it from a mile away. So much for ringing the bell ONCE.

Nice old lady answers. Then my ever-so-tactful three year old barges into the house and says, "So, what kinda candy YOU got?"

[Run, Michele. Run.]

Nice old lady isn't shaken. "Oh, well, let's see, I've got these purple LifeSavers..."

"Yeah, well that's not my favorite color, though. How about green?"

[I'm clearly going to hell for being such an inept mother.]

Nice old lady is wondering who this kid is, but manages to find some green candy. Once the candy is safely stashed in their bags, my kids suddenly remember their manners and thus begins the barage of "Happy Haooooooweeeeeen!" and "Bye, see ya!" and "Trick or Treat!" (?????) and "Thank you!!!!!" and my personal favorite:

"Bye, bye. Love you."

[Maybe I'm going to heaven after all.]
{Don Juan DePirate}

Hope you had a wonderful and safe Halloween! Oh, and let's see those costume pics!!! E-mail them to me and I'd love to post them on here. A virtual costume parade!


Anonymous said...

The kids in our neighborhood hardly wear costumes and don't say anything even when we talk to them so your kids sound great!


stephanie said...

such great costumes michele--how adorable are they...and your story. thanks for sharing! smiles, steph

Linda said...

They are so cute! They looked like they had lots of fun! I love your commentary. We had a few little ones that get so excited when we open the door, they rush in so fast, they are in our living room asking for candy. Then they looked alarmed, wondering how they got in so far in the house.

Elizabeth said...

Ok those are by far the best trick or treat stories I have heard in quite some time.. Purple isnt my favorite color.. hahaha.. thats awesome.. gotta love em..

KellyT said...

Your boys are just so freaking adorable. They are going to be little heartbreakers aren't they?

I had to laugh out loud at your writeup. I think my son has crashed houses before in search of other (meaning, better) candy too. :D

My favorite comment from a trick-or-treater this year had to be "Merry Christmas!" To which my sister replied, "Happy New Year!!"

I love Halloween. :D

Tichenor Family said...

They look like models. You seriously have two of the most precious boys I have ever seen!