Monday, September 24, 2007

"It's NOT a zoo, Mom,'s a farm." My 3-year-old corrected me upon our return trip from the Austin Zoo. "A zoo has elephants and giraffes." Thinking back on what we saw, the kid has a point. He's so danged exact. But it was fun, regardless. The above image just cracked me up. I swear, I have seen *people* do this exact thing!

Peacocks make it more zoo-like, right?

My littlest was getting dang tired by this point. He's like, "Okay. I fed the sheep. *Now* can we go eat ice cream?????"

I love getting to capture his excitement on camera.

My own personal excitement. You can even see the butterfly's tongue.

This made me giggle. But then I felt kinda sad for the little guy.

T's FAVORITE farm "animal." He's taking it's picture.

Now he's taking my picture. We'll have to take some time to work on form, but it's a great start!

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