Wednesday, January 30, 2008

posting palooza

Goodness, I must be lonely tonight. Posting like crazy! Today, we had an impromptu visit to The Ranch and on the way home, noticing the BEAUTIFUL light of sunset, I just had to pull over at the coolest little location and snap a few pics.
This building was SOOOOO cool.
Just wish my subject had been a tad more willing. This is his "Okay, I'm smiling, mom, can we go now?!" face. You might recognize a similar look here.
From playing ball yesterday.


Kristi said...

OK...I came to comment that I loved number three....and then I kept scrolling, and I love 4, and then saw 5, and then 7....gosh...guess they are all just muy fabuloso!! Those blue! now I know where you were when I called yesterday, tee hee!

andrea said...

love these shots michele! and the location is to die for -- awesome find. you SO rock.

Rachel Schell said...

that building is awesome!!!