Monday, January 7, 2008

because i can't stay away too long

Wanted to drop a line to everyone out there....HI! The above is probably the most technically horrible image ever, but I just couldn't resist that belly and that killer look. I love him.
I love him, too, but this is the look I get from him about 95% of the time. He's so beyond me and everyone else in this world. ;-)

My boys hard at work. We have yet to take down our Christmas decorations. I was told we have to wait until this new storage shed was complete. Still waiting...

And this is an image from a recent session that is too Pinkle Toesy not to share. Now it's back to work on plans, designs, and other exciting stuff for 2008!


E said...

these are awesome .. hes such a cutie... love the first shot it has an awesome vintage feel to it

Rachel Schell said...

your boys are WAY TOO ADORABLE! watch out girls!!! If your husband is anything like most men you won't have to hang any Christmas lights next year. :P