Wednesday, January 30, 2008

NEW! Portraits a la Mode

I'm so very excited about this new line! Now, when you order wall portraits (8x8 and up) of the images on your CD, they will come mounted on styrene (to protect the print from folding, bending, sagging, etc.) with a delicate linen texture and a STUNNING metallic finish. It's subtle so as not to draw attention from the image, but adds just enough depth to make the image oh-so-touchable. I now have several of these prints hanging in my home and I LOVE them! They are absolutely gorgeous!

In other news, I've now opened the calendar for booking through April '08 and due to a very good change in my schedule, I have been able to lower the prices just a touch on some of the CD collections. For those who have already booked a session for '08, the reduced prices are all yours (I didn't think you would mind too much ;-). Please visit for the new package selections.

Oh, and there are still some openings for this special offer, but the deadline is quicky approaching.


Anya said...

Oh girl, you know I LOVE these! There are so many places in someone's home that these would look so hip and modern. :) I wanna be one of your client's too darn it!

Joni Streit Photography said...

love these!;)

E said...

Ohhh these are so cool.