Friday, March 14, 2008

little dolls.

The title and the pictures speak for themselves, I believe.
This expression cracked me up.

"He's got the whoooooole world in his room..."

Beautiful children, beautiful home.
Getting the two of them in the same picture together: priceless.
Thank you, M, for a fantastic session today!


Emily said...

There are adorable, I love the little girl peeking out from under the covers the most.

D.Lauren McConnell said...

Wow...these are all stunning!!! Love them.

E said...

These are all a delight.. so cute

Caitlin Domanico Photography said...

Oh my gosh how cute!!!!

sharris said...

The second to last is classic! My absolute fave--at least for a while!

kara elmore said...

WOW Michelle. You amaze me! That second to last one.. WOW - WOW!!!

carin said...

I love the world image!!!
and the sibling images are precious!!!